My husband absolutely loves it when I make these loaded breakfast egg muffins for him. He wakes up for work every morning at 5:15am and leaves the house by 6:00am to fight the lovely rush hour morning traffic. During those quick 45 minutes he has before he leaves for work, he takes a shower, gets dressed, makes his coffee and prepares his food for lunch which consists usually of leftover dinners from the night before. Sometimes I don’t make these lovely muffins because life happens or I simply forget, but when I do, he is so very appreciative! I always get compliments each and every time I make them.

This recipe is really just a mix of things I currently have in the kitchen, but I do always tend to have a staple of ingredients I use each and every time I make them. The ingredients can vary, but it is usually as follows and it fills up a muffin tin of 12 muffins:


Loaded Breakfast Egg Muffin Ingredients

  • 8 eggs
  • 4 slices of ham, cut into tiny pieces

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