10 Important & Practical Things To Do Before Baby #2

Before my son was born, I had many evenings where I researched everything “new mom” related. I spent many evenings on the couch Pinteresting and Google searching what exactly I was in for. Now, with baby #2 coming, it’s an entirely new ball game.  What do you exactly need to do to get ready for your baby #2 when you already are a mom? Do I reuse everything? Is it the same thing all over? Well, here is a list of important and practical things to do before your second bundle of joy arrives. This list has truly helped me, so here it goes!

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Easy and Delicious Pineapple Cranberry Almond Cheeseball

Easy and Delicious Cheeseball

I have always loved to entertain people at our home. Since I am a busy mom and don’t have all the time in the world to be in the kitchen all day, many times I like to make dishes that involve little work and that I can make the night before. I have made this dish several times and always get compliments when I make it. I myself had this at a friend’s get together and altered it to my own recipe. So here you go, Pineapple Cranberry Almond Cheeseball!
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How To Choose The Best Vehicle For Your Family

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Parents have a multitude of options when choosing the best vehicle for their family. With all the available vehicles currently on the market, finding the best vehicle can be an overwhelming task. Thankfully, the internet can make researching vehicles and features that are important to you and your family much easier. When my husband and I were in the market for buying our new family vehicle, we used the internet and sites such a as Cars.com for comparing options, pricing, features, safety and fuel efficiency.

By using Cars.com, a user friendly website with an abundance of vehicle information, you can easily navigate vehicle options and determine the best vehicle that meets the needs of your family. They make car buying easier by housing unbiased reviews, a variety of research information, service and repair details and even vehicle model review videos.

The following are a list of questions that you can ask yourself to determine what vehicles are best for your family. When thinking about these questions, you should consider what your family’s needs currently are and how they could potentially change during the lifespan of your ownership.
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Important Questions If You Want To Be A Stay At Home Mom

Well, here you are embarking on a new journey of important motherhood decisions! Let me be the first to congratulate you and to also tell you that this decision is not an easy one. The decision to be a stay at home mom comes with many possible questions and scenarios that play in your head. All the “what ifs, how will I, how will we, can we even?” questions were swimming in my head when I made that decision myself. After months and months of contemplating, the same important  questions kept popping back up for discussion. So here you go mama, the most important questions you must answer to help you decide if you should transition to becoming a stay at home mom.
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Top 10 Toddler Road Trip Travel Items

We are a family that travels quite often. When we travel, we usually have a loaded SUV which includes my husband, myself, our family pug (along with everything that goes along with traveling with a pet), and our toddler which in itself is very gear intensive as well! If you have ever traveled with a toddler for more than an hour, you know these little humans don’t like long road trips. The car meltdowns an average toddler has is one that many parents know. So since we travel a lot, we have compiled a list of our necessities we take on every trip to save our sanity. These ten items have saved our sanity many, many times!

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Creamy and Delicious Flan

I have always loved to order flan at the end of my dinner at Mexican restaurants. This dish has always been one of my favorite Hispanic desserts. I never knew how to make it until one day, I had a lovely woman who is the mother to some amazing friends that turned family, come over and made this for me. I have been in love with this creamy, delicious recipe ever since and make it very often! Now I am sharing it with you, so here you go, creamy and delicious flan!

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Easy To Make Ambrosia Salad

Over the holidays I decided to make a dish that my whole family would love. Being busy with all the holiday shopping, gift wrapping, decorating and generally being mom, I wanted to make a dish that was both easy and quick to make. So here we go, easy to make Ambrosia Salad! Enjoy!
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5 New Christmas Family Traditions

As the holiday season coming to a close and everyone is starting to box up the ornaments and Christmas decorations, new memories that will last a lifetime have been made. Our family decided that we would like to start some holiday traditions each year to look forward to and to make Christmas time just a bit more fun. 🎄
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DIY Handprinted Keepsake Ornament

‘Tis the Season, the holidays are here again! If you are crunching all holiday activities in the last week like me, pour a glass of wine because this one is pretty easy to do and you can have this keepsake ornament in your family and on your Christmas tree for many years to come.🎄
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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Aftermath

The aftermath of Black Friday/ Cyber Monday. Anyone else going through this right now? 😂🤪😩🚚 #deliveryman #deliveryservice #deliveryservices #homedelivery #nopatience #goingcrazy #stuckathome #momlife #mumlife #frustrated #frustration

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