Once we decided as a family that I would stay home for the first couple years to be with our son, I knew that my financial footprint on our household would have to adjust. I will say that I am lucky to have an opportunity to even stay at home at all, and that many new mothers (or fathers) don’t have that opportunity. Although it was something that took a lot of thought and was not an easy choice, it was the best decision for our family.

I knew that a one income household was going to be tighter than what we were previously used to. We never really looked at our bank accounts that much before we went to restaurants. If I wanted to buy an outfit or a new purse, well, I kind of just bought it. Now that we are a family of one income, I knew that it would be up to me to make some adjustments to help out on my end so that the fluctuation from two people to three, and from two incomes to one, wouldn’t be so stressful. I began to research the world of couponing.

With a new baby in the house, I knew that the diapers and formula were going to be expensive. Who am I kidding, babies are expensive period. Before I  left my job I dedicated my entire paychecks to buy everything dealing with the baby that I could. I also looked up how to save money with babies in general. I found out that formulas send you prepaid checks to purchase their formula. Score!! I signed up for those and seriously have saved a lot of money using those. I also searched for YouTube couponers and have been following them intently. Now, I’m nowhere in the same realm as them, but many of them post the deals of the week. I write them down and off to the store I go!

In the beginning it was so confusing. There is a whole bunch of couponing lingo you have to learn. Be warned, there is a learning curve. But in the end, it’s totally worth it. Today I went to CVS, which is my favorite store to coupon at. I won’t get totally into the breakdowns, but CVS pretty much gives you in store money called Extra Care Bucks when you purchase something they have on sale. They key is to match up what they have on sale to a coupon. These coupons can come from CVS themselves (part of that mile long receipt), the Sunday paper or an online couponing source such as Coupons.com. In my latest trip I got a 6 pack of paper towels, some laundry detergent, popcorn, an eyeliner pencil and a lint roller for the car for FREE. Yup, free. It’s an awesome feeling to walk in a store and walk out with some free things. Who doesn’t like free?

Again, I’m no couponing wiz, I just follow some couponers on social media and watch their deals of the week, then head to the store and do it myself. Now with couponing, come pet peeves with me. I will never try to hold up a line, I will make small purchases, and I like to go in the middle of the day when everyone is at work. I will give all my coupons already organized to the cashier. If it doesn’t scan or go through it’s not the end of the world, and I will definitively not ransack all the Sunday papers and steal all the coupons from them. Those people suck. If you are one of those, you need to quit it, lol seriously. Other than that, happy couponing! ☺️👍🏻