A Fun Day, Play For All Abilities Park

One thing I didn’t anticipate when I became a mom was how much we would be going to different parks! While we have a neighborhood park in our neighborhood, it is not toddler friendly. The slides are for big kids, the swings are not the toddler swings, the play bridges don’t have guard rails and in general it’s for bigger kids than my son who is just shy of two years old. So, we like to go to different parks. One park that I have been hearing about is a Play for All Abilities Park. These types of parks have activities for children of all ages, including even special activity areas for children with disabilities. The closest one was about 45 minutes away from our home, but I decided to take our son there anyway since it was this park’s grand reopening.

After breakfast and packing up the diaper bag, we made our 45 minute drive to the Play For All Abilities Park. This park is located in Round Rock, Tx. I will say if you didn’t know how to get to this park beforehand, you will certainly miss this entrance. That is my one and only critique because once we took the turn in, it was packed! This was the first park I’ve ever seen during the week with more than two cars parked in the parking lot. Once I took the stroller, diaper bag and kid out of the car and we walked inside the park itself, we had no clue what to do first. There were so many areas to choose from! We decided to start at the sandbox which is a huge sand pit area filled with toddlers around his age.  As soon as I let his little hand go, he was off like a dog off a leash, lol! He enjoyed playing with the sand, fell face first once, played with the buckets and shovels and really liked that area.


Next, we headed to this area behind the sandpit that was also for toddlers! 😍 There was a catapillar shaped tube he enjoyed crawling through and a gray dome with cutout holes to look through. I was impressed that there were two areas in a row just for my kid! Two for two is great for us. Also,  some parks are not as clean, so I always check the grounds for anything funky before my son finds it and the next thing it’s in his mouth. I didn’t have to worry here, everything was in an amazing condition.


After this area, we went to the two playscape areas in the front center of the park. These big areas mean serious play business. They were huge! I loved how both of these areas had foam padding all along the ground. I have never seen that before, usually it’s been gravel or mulch. I also liked how they had both low level and higher level activity areas for kids of all heights and ages. There were finally bridges with barriers, tunnels, huge tic tac toe blocks, monkey bars, slides, covered seating areas, it was just all around amazing. They also had ADA complainant bridges so that children in wheelchairs or other disabilities could play in the areas as well. These are playground aspects I’ve never seen, and I’m sure they are very much appreciated.


One funny thing my son does right now when he sees a mirror is kiss his reflection! It’s super cute. Sometimes, he will even lick the mirror too. Kids, lol.


There was also a music area. This area had oversized chimes, xylophones, and drums. I’ve never seen something like that before at any park either. So cool!

There were also areas designed specifically for children with disabilities only. There was an area specifically for wheelchair children that included swings and merry go rounds. This is also an uncommon area at regular parks, but very cool. All children deserve to be able to have fun and play. 

Finally, there were two more areas that we did not go to which was a mini city area and a race track where kids could bring their bikes. Overall, great day at the Play For All Abilities Park! It was fun taking my son somewhere where he could just explore and not be secluded as much. He really enjoyed his day. We spent almost 3 hour s at this park and within 5 minutes of leaving, he was asleep in the car seat. Win for mommy! If you ever have a chance to check out a Play For All Abilities Park, I suggest you do! They are for children of all ages and disabilities.


  1. So cool! I have never heard of parks like these. My kids have gotten hurt before at parks, because they are designed for older children. One thing that scares me to death, are the fireman poles, where there is a gap in the railing that toddler can just fall right through.

    • Mrs. Cherry

      November 20, 2017 at 10:37 am

      I agree! My son is really young as well, and many of those play areas are not appropriate for him either.

  2. I really love parks as it offers so much for our kids – out door play, stimulating and developmentally appropriate for our toddlers. You are amazing to truck 45 minutes to the Play for All Abilities Park – thanks for sharing all it has to offer. Your baby seems to really enjoy it. a day at the park = a day of bliss <3 xo

  3. These all abilities parks are my favorite, especially when I had toddlers! I was always terrified that they would fall off and get hurt at other parks. These types of parks also allowed our children to play with kids that were differently abled as well which I love because it teaches them to accept people of abilities and exposes them to diversity.

    • Mrs. Cherry

      November 20, 2017 at 11:59 am

      Yes!! I totally agree with you 100% on this. It exposes them early to children who are different as well as giving them a safe place to play. 💞

  4. Wow that park looks amazing! My 3 month old loves looking in mirrors, too! 🙂 I can’t wait to take him to a park like this!! How fun!

    • Mrs. Cherry

      November 20, 2017 at 12:00 pm

      Yes! I love these parks because they can cater to babies and toddlers. Not just the big kids. I hope there is one in your area! 😊💖

  5. Ok, you’ve totally inspired me. I’m a SAHM and rarely take my son to parks, although I blame it on being pregnant.

    • Mrs. Cherry

      November 21, 2017 at 1:48 pm

      Lol, being pregnant does totally put a spin on things! Sometimes my husband will take him on the weekends so they can have their time too. ☺️

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