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5 Benefits of Double Dating

Double dating. My husband and I have done this for many years and thoroughly enjoy it. Once you find the right couple (which in itself is another article), double dating can be an important, beneficial aspect of friendship, mutual respect, wisdom and most importantly, fun! Here are the 5 reasons why my husband and I double date, and the benefits it has provided us not only to our friendships, but also our overall happiness.

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Hello world!

Well, hello there and welcome to my little sanctuary of crazy that I call my blog! I hope you LOVE it! The bar is to the imaginary left, plastic wine glasses can be opened up from their packages by the fridge, if you feel frisky I can pour you something stronger, and the music in the background is a mix of 80s, 90s, classic rock, old school hip hop, new wave, and hold on…first confession coming up… a little bit equal parts of country and Luis Miguel. Yes, I know it’s all over the place, but so am I. I am currently a Stay at Home Mom, the most amazing, overwhelming, difficult, underappreciated job in the world. I am super lucky I get to be one. Prior to that leap, I worked in higher education, a local Chamber of Commerce, music festivals, rodeo, and in my early days I worked at nightclubs and was a bartender for a short period of time. I created this to share my life experiences, tips, tricks, hacks, worries and everything in between with you, the reader. Although I like to think of you more as the stranger that reads my diary. I know it’s creepy, but it works in my head. It’s a peek into my world, the ins and outs, mundane and extraordinary and everything in between. My little corner where I can get it all out on internet paper and feel a sense of relief and possibly accomplishment afterwards. So check it out, follow and watch my blog grow!

DISCLAIMER: Let me say that everything on this blog are things that I do in my personal life. The only professional chef I am is Chef Mrs. Cherry, aka mom in my family’s kitchen. If I’m exercising and post a video, ask a doctor before you follow what I do, I will not be responsible for a busted toosh, mmk? Also, when in doubt with everything else, do it at your own discretion. Again, this is the viewpoint of the life of me, myself and I. If you can learn anything from my page, great! And if this blog is just for entertainment purposes, that’s fine too. -xoxo- Mrs. Cherry