So I have been dabbling in the world of shopping smarter and couponing for a little bit. I’ve been paying attention more to sales since we are officially in the holiday season. Who doesn’t love a great deal?! This morning after I made breakfast for our son and I, we went to Dollar General. If you have one close by you, GO! For the next 3 days, their Libby’s canned goods are Buy One, Get One Free! They are normally .80cents each, but right now you can get them for .40cents each! Stock up time!! 😁🙌🏻

I also bought some silver cloth napkin holders. $2 for 4 of them! I have a table that seats 8 so I grabbed two sets. I have been online window shopping for them for a couple weeks now and I have seen them for $2EACH minimum! A set of 4 similar to these were $20 at Target. This was a steal of a deal. I also got pipe cleaners for an upcoming busy day learning project for my toddler and a gold glitter door wreath holder because…glitter! Lol. 😂💛✨

My total was $12.10. Not bad! I didn’t use any coupons, although I looked all day yesterday for Libby’s coupons, I couldn’t find any. Again, the Libby’s deal runs only through Saturday, so go before they sell out! The cashier told me 10 minutes before there was a lady who was buying cases of them, cases.