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Sunday Morning Breakfast


I love when my husband makes Sunday morning breakfast. This is one of the ways after 8 years of being together, he still makes me feel special and takes care of it all.

I asked him after breakfast why he still does this every weekend. His reply was, “because it’s the only time I get to. I really enjoy making something special for my wife and little guy at least once a week, and most importantly because I love you. ”  It reminded me that during the week with the hustle and bustle and leaving home to fight rush hour traffic for almost an hour, he doesn’t get to do something special, in his mind at least.  He actually enjoys taking the time to make a meal for us and for him, it’s his way of showing that he loves us, and we get to eat a really nice breakfast too.
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Waffles, by the Mr. 

Late day breakfast made by the Mr. His waffles are the best. Bacon of course too, because bacon is life in this house. 😁🥞🥓🌤