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10 Important & Practical Things To Do Before Baby #2

Before my son was born, I had many evenings where I researched everything “new mom” related. I spent many evenings on the couch Pinteresting and Google searching what exactly I was in for. Now, with baby #2 coming, it’s an entirely new ball game.  What do you exactly need to do to get ready for your baby #2 when you already are a mom? Do I reuse everything? Is it the same thing all over? Well, here is a list of important and practical things to do before your second bundle of joy arrives. This list has truly helped me, so here it goes!

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Dear Overwhelmed Mom, You’re Not Alone

Last night’s dishes still in the sink, laundry that’s been in the washer for three days, clothes that were supposed to be hung up in the closet but instead are sitting in a perfect pile in the entry room and a home that would make an episode of Hoarders look nice and tidy. You don’t want anyone visiting because you feel like such a failure. You are exhausted, overwhelmed and you think you don’t have it together. At the end of the day, you creep into bed exhausted from the hustle and bustle of keeping tiny humans alive, changing diapers, making lunches, reading the same favorite book for what felt like 30 times in one day. Tearing yourself apart because you burned dinner while you were saving your toddler from eating a new piece of god knows what they found while reaching underneath the couch. Depressed because you haven’t showered in three days but are too exhausted to give a shit. I see you, mama. I know how you feel. I truly do because I have been there too.
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10 Things I Wish I Knew While Pregnant


Well, well, you are pregnant! Congrats!! It will be a journey in your life you will never forget. When I found out I was pregnant, I was coming back from a last minute getaway vacation with my husband. We went to the coast and enjoyed sunshine, margaritas, live music and of course,  each other. We had been married for 5 years and took these kind of trips often. I was scheduled to have my period during the vacation, but Mother Nature always ran late with me, so I was just happy Aunt Flow didn’t make an appearance . No biggie, I’ll deal with it when we got back.

Monday morning rolled around and I thought just as a precaution I’d take a pregnancy test. BOOM! There I saw those two pink lines looking right back at me. Just to be sure I took another test at work and the same result happened again. On top of finding out I was pregnant, there was an actual fire at my work about ten minutes later, so I spent the morning hours leading up to lunchtime in a shock. I knew my world would change.
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