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10 Important & Practical Things To Do Before Baby #2

Before my son was born, I had many evenings where I researched everything “new mom” related. I spent many evenings on the couch Pinteresting and Google searching what exactly I was in for. Now, with baby #2 coming, it’s an entirely new ball game.  What do you exactly need to do to get ready for your baby #2 when you already are a mom? Do I reuse everything? Is it the same thing all over? Well, here is a list of important and practical things to do before your second bundle of joy arrives. This list has truly helped me, so here it goes!

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My Top 10 Baby Products

I cannot believe how fast the first year of parenthood has just flown by! I still feel like it was a couple months ago I was pregnant and waddling I went. Now that my little one is almost a year and a half and I’m already envisioning what his 2 year old party will be like, I can’t help but reflect on his first year of life. I know we have it way easier than our parents and their parents and even those before them did, and I am absolutely not complaining one little bit. Parenthood is hard! I’m sure they had tips and tricks for their time period. For me, I used many products that saved my sanity and helped make the first year of his new life easier for both of us. So here we go, my top 10 baby products that I loved. These baby products were true lifesavers in my household.
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My Personal Breastfeeding Experience

I have been wanting to write about this for a very long time. Let me just give a disclosure that this is my very own, personal experience. It is what happened to ME. Everyone is different, every experience is different, every mother and every baby is different. This is me and my story. Whew, glad I got that out of the way.

Let me begin with the beginning, well, sort of. So when I found out I was pregnant, the internet became my best friend because I was totally clueless about babies. During those nine months, I searched every topic I could think of.  3am google serches after getting up to pee was the normal life for me.  Breastfeeding was one of those many subjects. There was so much information about breastfeeding! So many products, whether to choose an manual or machine pump, if your insurance covers it, different bottles, how to hold the baby when you are feeding, creams, bra pads, what to eat to increase your supply, etc.  It was truly an abundance of information. After countless sleepless nights researching, I was 100% sure my baby was going to be breast feed for at least a year, I was going to be eating the best quality foods and him and I were going to bond like no other before. Everything would be natural, wonderful, and go smoothly. Well, for me, that’s not exactly the way my breastfeeding journey went.

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Toddler Life -Tissues

Toddler Life -Tissues

⏰ The time it took for me to pee, this happens. Is it too early for a drink?? 😂😫🍷🍾🏡 #mamaneedsadrink #sahm #momlife #toddlers #tissues #toddlerlife

Bragging Right: Puzzle Play

All parents brag about their kids,  so this is my turn to brag about mine! This puzzle is made for kids ages 3+ years, but my son who isn’t even a year and a half old yet can complete this one and others in about a minute. He’s had this particular puzzle for less than a week so I decided to film it.

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Toddler Hack!

Toddler Mom Hack: The electric toothbrush! I can literally brush his teeth without a fight! He’s so fascinated with the spinning brushes and enjoys it. It sounds like a 10 year old lawn mower, but I’ll take it. #cleanteeth #momlife 😁👌🏻👩‍👦🏡

Great Advice from Toddler Moms

My morning…. I finally took the advice of toddler moms past and present. Thank you. 😆🙌🏻🛁💦🏡 #goldenadvice #neededthat #momblog

Keeping It Real: The Book

When the Mr. and I decided that I would be staying at home after I gave birth, I had no clue what to expect. I had never in my life changed a diaper, babysat, or held a baby. But how hard could it be, right? I thought, if I’ve planned fancy galas, helped organized so many events I’ve lost count, crunched last minute important reports, pulled double shifts at work, how much more difficult could staying at home with a baby really be? I thought I could sit in a spotless home (bc I would have lots of time), laundry would be always done, and Martha Stewart would have nothing on me.

BAHAHA! I had a very rude awakening. I won this book a month ago at a local library. It’s been sitting this entire time in my car, a car that I’ve had no time to clean. Why? Bc of diaper changes, cuddles, crying, bottle times, feeding times, no don’t pull the dog’s tail begging, how does this kid not want to nap times, daddy is coming home and dinner is still frozen in the freezer times, did u just take off your diaper and shit on the floor times, 2am awake kid times, let’s sing your ABCs times, Library Story Times, I have homework times, we’ve gotta visit the family times, I need a freaking showerrrrrrr times, mama NEEDS a drink times (I can go on very easily). So, maybe one day I’ll get to read this little gem, but for now there’s a little boy calling my name, wanting all my attention. #sahm #momblogger #momlife ☺️📚🏡🍒