Bragging Right: Puzzle Play

All parents brag about their kids,  so this is my turn to brag about mine! This puzzle is made for kids ages 3+ years, but my son who isn’t even a year and a half old yet can complete this one and others in about a minute. He’s had this particular puzzle for less than a week so I decided to film it.

We went to Toys R Us last weekend and bought this puzzle. We are super big on puzzles and books. We started reading to him as soon as he was born, even though we knew he had no idea what we were saying! Haha. We could see that he was very interested in the colorful pictures, so we kept on. For the past six months or so we have incorporated puzzles into his daily playtime. It’s so crazy how you see intelligence grow with such a small human being! Our living room has transformed into baby central, and our coffee table has transformed into home base for puzzles. Although our living room looks like a hot mess the majority of the time, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Once we put the batteries in this puzzle, it was pretty cool too, lol. You can buy puzzles like this one online or at many toy stores, our go to is Toys R Us just because it is close to home.  🤓💙👏🏻 #proudmama #proudparents  #16months  #puzzles  #melissaanddoug


  1. That’s so awesome! We love books and puzzles around here too.
    Brag on mama!

  2. What a little cutie! He has got it down 🙂 those Melissa & Doug puzzles are the best.

    • Jessica Cherry

      September 7, 2017 at 11:23 pm

      Thank you, Katie! Yes, we are becoming fans of Melissa&Doug pretty quickly. Lol! ☺️

  3. Our living room is the same! Life with kids 🙂 we are trying to get into puzzles more.

  4. With a 1 year old we dont have many puzzles lying around. But we always loved having them around before baby!

  5. What a smart little guy! I agree it is pretty fascinating to watch the intelligence the tiny little minds of babies.

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