Month: October 2017

My Couponing Journey

Once we decided as a family that I would stay home for the first couple years to be with our son, I knew that my financial footprint on our household would have to adjust. I will say that I am lucky to have an opportunity to even stay at home at all, and that many new mothers (or fathers) don’t have that opportunity. Although it was something that took a lot of thought and was not an easy choice, it was the best decision for our family.
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Family Day- Pumpkin Fest @Elgin Christmas Tree Farm

It’s fall season again!! Pumpkins, fall scented candles, cool breezes and holidays jumping at us every month! It’s my favorite season of the entire year. So we all come across fall checklists and one of the ones always there is a fall festival. We live in a small town so we are lucky enough that we have a Pumpkin Festival hosted by the Elgin Christmas Tree Farm not that far from where we live. We went this weekend and took our son who is a year and a half old. We went for the first time last year with him, so we are trying to make some new family traditions! I never thought family traditions would be fun, but I really enjoyed myself. This is how our day went.
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My Father. The Untold Story

I’ve never really talked about my father much, my story of him has always been one I have had to bottle up inside.  My father is a topic that no one truly knows the entire story on. Throughout the years I was always told to not speak of him, to be ashamed of him, embarrassed of him, and to not seek him whatsoever. He was always a dark cloud over me, and carrying his name throughout many years of my life always gave me a sense of abandonment, a feeling of distance, and a flame of resentment and anger in my soul. I’m choosing not to live in silence anymore, so this is my story about my father. It is the uncut, untold story told by his only child, his one and only daughter, me.
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Why My Sanity is Saved on Ladies Night

Just about every Wednesday evening I have ladies night with a couple girlfriends of mine. I meet them after work at a restaurant we pick and we hang out for a couple of hours and blow off some steam, catch up on what’s going on in our lives and generally talk about anything and everything until it’s time to go home. We have done this for over two years now, on a pretty consistent basis. Initially when we started, all three of us worked in the same industry, and many times it was about work stories, but when I had my son and my life plans changed, my stories became different.
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Counting Age Past 12 Months…By Months

So I am a mother who has stopped counting how many months my child is past 12 months. Even before I was a mother, saying “oh my child is 26 months or 17 months” has always sounded weird to me. Call me crazy!! I just feel like past a year old, it’s just easier to say “oh they are 2 years old and 3 years old.”  I know that for medical reasons or specific reasons some people do need that information, but for an everyday casual conversation, in MY opinion it’s a little overkill. I know I will get flack for it, but I’m entitled to my opinion, so there it is. 😉

Hope you like the video! 😁